GCEP Awards - Past Recipients

  Director of the Year Leadership In-Training Professionalism
2014 Hany Atallah, MD, FACEP Rob Higgin, MD, FACEP Ben Lefkove, MD
2015 Nagham Khan, MD, FACEP Earl Grubbs, MD, FACEP Monica Khan, MD
2016 Rolando Torres, MD, FACEP Chip Pettigrew, MD, FACEP Eric Ham, MD
LaShon Surgis, MD
2017 Lewis Earnest, MD John Rogers, MD, FACEP CPT Kevin Lu, MD
William Malcolm, MD
2018 Mohak Dave, MD, FACEP Michael Hagues, DO, FACEP Richard McNutt, MD
Darius Watts, MD
2019 Andrew Pendley, MD, FACEP James Dugal, MD, FACEP Jae Goines, MD
2020 Kenneth J. Miller, MD, FACEP   Guen Gwanyalla, MD
Charles H. Parker, MD
2021 Doug Chesson, MD, FACEP Matthew Keadey, MD Kristen Bascombe, MD
Caitlin Christoffel, MD