2016 - 2017 Leadership Roster


President (2015-2017)
Matt Lyon, MD, FACEP
North Augusta, SC
Email: matt.lyon@gcep.org

President-Elect (2015-2017)
Matthew Keadey, MD, FACEP
Atlanta, GA
Email: matthew.keadey@gcep.org

Secretary/Treasurer (2015-2017)
John Sy, DO, FACEP
Savannah, GA
Email: john.sy@gcep.org

Immediate Past President (2015-2017)
John Rogers, MD
Macon, GA
Email: john.rogers@gcep.org

At Large Directors

Mark Griffiths, MD, FAAP
Decatur, GA
Email: mark.griffiths@gcep.org
Term: 2014-2017
Matt Astin, MD, FACEP
Macon, GA
Email: matt.astin@gcep.org
Term: 2014-2017
Brett Cannon, MD, FACEP
Marietta, GA
Email: brett.cannon@gcep.org
Term: 2014-2017
Jeffrey Linzer Sr., MD, FACEP
Atlanta, GA
Email: jeffrey.linzer@gcep.org
Term: 2015-2018
Sarah Mack, MD, FACEP
Grayson, GA
Email: sarah.mack@gcep.org
Term: 2015-2018
James Capes, MD, FACEP
McDonough, GA
Email: james.capes@gcep.org
Term: 2015-2018
Stephen A. Shiver, MD, FACEP
Augusta, GA
Email: stephen.shiver@gcep.org
Term: 2016-2019
Jay Smith, MD
Buford, GA
Email: jay.smith@gcep.org
Term: 2016-2019
Carmen Sulton, MD
Atlanta, GA
Email: carmen.sulton@gcep.org
Term: 2016-2019


ACEP Section or Committee Chairs
ACEP Officer
John Rogers, MD, FACS, FACEP

ACEP Officer
John McManus, MD, FACEP

ACEP Section Chair
Mike Greenwald, MD, FACEP

MAG Interspecialty Council Representatives
Jay Smith, MD, FACEP - Primary
John Sy, DO, FACEP - Alternate

Department Chairs
Katherine L. Heilpern, MD, FACEP - Emory
Richard B. Schwartz, MD, FACEP - GRU

Resident Representatives
Andy Hall, MD - Augusta

Fellow Representatives
Lauren Middlebrooks, MD - Emory Peds
Kevin Allen, MD - Augusta Peds

Councilors are Ex-Offico members of the Board but Alternate Councilors are not, unless they are acting in the place of an absent Councilor.

Jay Smith, MD, FACEP (2014-2017)
Jeffrey Linzer Sr., MD, FACEP (2014-2017)
Matthew J. Watson, MD, FACEP (2014-2017)
James J. Dugal, MD (2015-2018)
Matt Lyon, MD, FACEP (2015-2018)
Matt Keady, MD, FACEP (2016-2019)
D.W. 'Chip' Pettigrew, III, MD, FACEP (2016-2019)
John Sy, DO, FACEP (2016,2019)

Alternate Councilors
Mark Griffiths, MD, FAAP (2014-2017)
Earl Grubbs, MD, FACEP(2014-2017)
Richard Schwartz, MD, FACEP (2014-2017)
Matt Astin, MD, FACEP (2015-2018)
Rich Gordon, MD, FACEP (2015-2018)
Ralph Griffin, Jr., MD, FACEP (2016-2019)
Mike Hagues, MD, FACEP (2016-2019)
Steve Shiver, MD, FACEP (2016-2019)


Trip Martin

SEMPA Liason
Naaz Malek, PA-C

GCEP Committee Chairs

Awards: John Rogers, MD, FACS, FACEP
Bylaws: John Rogers, MD, FACEP
Education and Research: Rich Gordon, MD, FACEP
Nominating and Board Development: Chip Pettigrew, MD, FACEP
Technology and Social Media: Benjamin Lefkove, MD, FACEP
GEMPAC: John Rogers, MD, FACEP

GCEP Fellows
Carmen Sulton, MD (2016-2017)
Zeke Terrell, MD (2016-2017)