2019 - 2021 Leadership Roster


President (2019-2021)
John Sy, DO, FACEP
Savannah, GA

President-Elect (2019-2021)
Jay Smith, MD, FACEP
Buford, GA

Secretary/Treasurer (2019-2021)
Brett Cannon, MD, FACEP
Marietta, GA

Immediate Past President
Matthew Keadey, MD, FACEP
Atlanta, GA

At Large Directors

Mark Griffiths, MD, FAAP
Decatur, GA
Term: 2017-2020
Matt Astin, MD, FACEP
Macon, GA
Term: 2017-2020
Matt Rudy, MD, FACEP
Evans, GA
Term: 2017-2020
John Wood, MD, FACEP
Haddock, GA
Term: 2018-2021
Shamie Das, MD
Decatur, GA
Term: 2018-2021
Benjamin Lefkove, MD, FACEP
Atlanta, GA
Term: 2018-2021
Troy Akers, DO, FACEP
Evans, GA
Term: 2019-2022
Anwar Osborne, MD, MPM, FACEP
Decatur, GA
Term: 2019-2022
Carmen Sulton, MD
Atlanta, GA
Term: 2019-2022


ACEP Section or Committee Chairs
ACEP Officer
John McManus, MD, FACEP

MAG House of Delegates Representative
Jay Smith, MD, FACEP

Department Chairs
David Wright, MD, FACEP - Emory
Richard Schwartz, MD, FACEP - Augusta

Resident Representatives
Samuel Docksey, DO - Augusta EM Program
Cristina Flores, MD - Emory EM Program

Fellow Representatives
Caryn Robertson, MD-Emory Peds EM Program
Alexandria Farish, MD-Augusta Peds EM Program

Councilors are Ex-Offico members of the Board but Alternate Councilors are not, unless they are acting in the place of an absent Councilor.

Jay Smith, MD, FACEP (2017-2020)
Jeffrey Linzer Sr., MD, FACEP (2017-2020)
Matthew J. Watson, MD, FACEP (2017-2020)
James J. Dugal, MD (2018-2021)
Matt Lyon, MD, FACEP (2018-2021)
Steve Shiver, MD, FACEP (2018-2021)
Matt Keady, MD, FACEP (2019-2022)
Chip Pettigrew, MD, FACEP (2019-2022)
John Sy, DO, FACEP (2016-2019)

Alternate Councilors
Mark Griffiths, MD, FAAP (2017-2020)
Earl Grubbs, MD, FACEP(2017-2020)
Richard Schwartz, MD, FACEP (2017-2020)
Matt Astin, MD, FACEP (2018-2021)
Benjamin Lefkove, MD (2018-2021)
John Wood, MD, FACEP (2018-2021)
Brett Cannon, MD, FACEP (2019-2022)
Shamie Das, MD (2019-2022)
Matt Rudy, MD, FACEP (2019-2022)


Travis Lindley

SEMPA Liason
Naaz Malek, PA-C

GCEP Committee Chairs

Awards: Matthew Keadey, MD, FACEP
Bylaws: John Rogers, MD, FACEP
Education and Research: Steve Shiver, MD, FACEP
Nominating and Board Development: Chip Pettigrew, MD, FACEP / John Sy, DO, FACEP
Technology and Social Media: Benjamin Lefkove, MD, FACEP
GEMPAC: Matthew Keadey, MD, FACEP

GCEP Fellows
Becky Abell, MD, FACEP (2019-2020)
Michelle Wan, MD, FACEP (2019-2020)
Katrina Gipson, MD, MPH (2019-2020)